Animal Exclusion and Containment Solutions

Pest Proof Fences has the expertise and experience to provide you with advice, products, and exclusion or containment solutions to overcome a wide range of physical and animal challenges.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve their animal management goals. In many projects our own teams manage all aspects of construction, but we also offer completely customised installation options that allow clients to make use of resources that they can provide directly.

Pest Proof Fences provide a range of high quality wire meshes and other products and solutions for conservation, commercial and industrial projects. We specialise in stainless steel meshes, but can source virtually any quality of mesh for any application.

Our product range includes seabird enclosures, skink enclosures, game/security cameras, traps and bait stations, automated vehicle gates and bird monitoring/tracking equipment. The range is designed to complement animal and pet exclusion and containment solutions.

Our advisory service provides practical and custom research-based solutions to address our clients site specific geographic requirments, ecological diversity, aesthetic requirements and financial needs. We specialise in using our expertise to provide animal exclusion and containment assessments, feasibility studies and advice for a wide range of clients ranging from the United States Military in Hawaii, through to philanthropic individuals like Julian Roberston at Cape Kidnappers preserve.